The Absinthe Encyclopedia

Available in English as the Absinthe Encylopedia, and in French as the Musée Virtuel de l'Absinthe, this is our acclaimed reference site, showcasing our unequalled collection of absinthe-related art, antiques and ephemera. It's based on our best-selling book of the same name.

Our La Fée Verte absinthe forum and buyers guide was Ground Zero for the absinthe renaissance - the website that ignited the modern revival. The forum has run continuously since the mid 1990's.

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Absinthe - La Fée Verte

We were one of the pioneers of the modern absinthe renaissance, and have been a leader in the field since the 1990's. We have offices in France and in Germany and are co-owners of the historic Distillerie Les Fils d'Emile Pernot in Pontarlier, one of only two French absinthe distilleries surviving from the pre-ban era. ​Our German organisation, Rueverte Gmbh, operates its own bonded warehouse in Freiburg, and runs the market leading, and websites. We also have a retail outlet, the historic Alte Apotheke in the heart of old Freiburg, where we conduct regular tastings.